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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

End of an era! Goodbye to the old blog and hello to the new

Thank you to all of you who've been a part of our journey and followed this blog throughout the months and years.

This will be my last blog post on this site as we now have a new website and integrated blog which is all very exciting.

To read what we've been up to recently please click here to go to our new site

We hope that you'll join us over at the new site and that you'll continue enjoying looking at our blog

Monday, 23 December 2013

Happy Christmas Everyone

Hi All,

Just a quick post to let you know that since my last post everything is progressing nicely here with the new website which should be ready for launch in early 2014 which is very exciting. For the eagle eyed among you you may have already noticed changes to our albums online which happened a couple of weeks ago and gives you access to Wedding Venues we've photographed at recently plus Real life weddings for you to take a peep at.  These sections will also be added to once the new website is launched and I have a little more time to gather photos from all venues we've worked at (if you can't currently see a venue you've chosen it may still be that we've worked there previously I just haven't had the chance to upload photos for it yet so please ask)

We have so many blog stories to tell you including recent weddings, portraits and a little about where we've been and what we've been up to but, we're just holding them back until the new website and blog launches - your patience on this is really appreciated.

This year has been another brilliant year for us and we'd like to thank all of you who we've photographed for making it so enjoyable and fun.  Next years booking up well and we're looking forward to lots of wonderful times ahead

We are having a little bit of a break this end to enjoy the festivities and the office is now closed until 6th January.  If your enquiry is urgent I will try to get back to you as soon as I can as I will check e-mails and messages sporadically but if not, I will reply to you on our return

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous 2014 :-)


Hayley and David

Monday, 4 November 2013

Suffolk Wedding Photographer - Changes to the website and blog

Hi All,

I hope everyone is well on this cold, autumnal  day.  I just thought I'd keep all of you up-to-date with what's going on here.  A couple of weeks ago we had a hitch with the website - it has been hacked again for the third time in 6 months and this time we've decided that the hack is too big and we'll have to redesign the whole site from scratch.

Whilst on the surface nothing appears wrong with the website (and it won't effect users at all) in the background some malicious person has added hidden pages for things like Rolex watches and Nike Trainers.  They then sell them under our name, take people's money and then don't send any goods.  Then when the customer doesn't receive anything in theory they will contact us.  This is Fraud and we have reported it to the appropriate authorities and the police.  Sadly, it also affects your search position on google so we are now moving down the ratings as google doesn't know whether we're photographers or someone selling trainers and watches.  As google is the biggest way of reaching our potential customers this is really sad for us.

No one wants something like this to happen to them but the government itself suggests 87% of small businesses are affected each year with many not even knowing (we only found out as a kind b&b lady who had had this happen to her saw that we were one of many hundreds of sites affected and she contacted us to let us know)!  As if times aren't hard enough for everyone I really wish the government could catch the people who do this as it's terrible that they get away with it whilst small businesses like us have to find a lot of money and time to fix something that isn't our fault.

Anyway, enough of the rant.  I'm going to try to look at this in a positive light and look at all the new and exciting things that may be possible with a new website!  I can't wait for the new site to be designed and launched.  As this process will be taking up a lot of my time over the next few weeks I apologise now that the blog may have to take a bit of a back seat for a while.  I will try to write as often as I can.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Suffolk Wedding Photographers photograph Mandy and Andy's Wedding @ Haughley Park Barn in Suffolk

Towards the end of September we photographed Mandy and Andy's Wedding which took place at Haughley Park Barn in Suffolk. We had a glorious day and a lot of the trees on the way in to Haughley were starting to turn into their gorgeous autumnal colours which look superb in their photos.

Here's a selection from their day starting with me joining Mandy getting ready in the Farmhouse whilst David started with Andy at The Swan Pub in Woolpit:

Mandy's two tone dress was unusual and we haven't seen one like this in a while, she looked amazing in it

Love the details and being so tall Mandy opted for flat shoes

Andy sent Mandy a present and card over before the ceremony which was really sweet - it was a lucky sixpence for her shoe

Meanwhile, Andy was at the pub enjoying a quick beverage with his groomsmen and groomswoman

Chris Woods, the toastmaster was fab, we've worked with him before and would highly recommend him

This wedding was a little different as Andy came over to the Farmhouse before the ceremony to meet Mandy as they wanted to walk into the ceremony together

This is when they first saw each other

As the ceremony was intimate and small it was held in the main barn with the wedding breakfast being where the ceremony usually is in the smaller section which was a nice change

Both Andy and Mandy wrote their own vows which were very special

Tina at Crossways Catering did the canapees which were as always incredibly tasty and looked so yummy

Andy and Mandy loved the trees and foliage and so we used a lot of them in their pics

We still get asked for spot colour photos and here I think it works well

The confetti ones were some of my favs as everyone got up and joined in

A few of the formals

We only stayed with Mandy and Andy until they sat down to eat but they said the evening and meal were also wonderful

We've seen a lot of wedding trees this year for people to finger print - here's one of them

If you attended Mandy and Andy's Wedding and would like to view their wedding photos they are online now, there is a password which I'm sure they'll share with you.

Mandy and Andy are such a happy, in-love couple who were a treat to work with. We wish all the best to Mandy and Andy for a happy future ahead of them and we hope you'll stay in touch in the future.

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